Restaurants by Cuisine

Bagel Factory (Palms)
Barney Greengrass (New York)
Black Sheep Burgers (Sawtelle)
Blue Daisy (Santa Monica)
B on the Go (San Francisco)
The Brixton (Santa Monica)
Broxton (Westwood)
Bru’s Counter (Westwood)
C & M Cafe (Palms)
The Cafe at the Getty Museum (Brentwood)
The Counter (Mid-Wilshire)
The Crack Shack (Century City)
Daughter’s Deli (West Hollywood)
Doomie’s (Culver City)
Eggslut (Beverly Grove)
Flo’s V-8 Diner (Disney’s California Adventure/Anaheim)
Friends & Family (East Hollywood)
fundamental LA (Westwood)
Gratitude Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)
Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop (Hollywood)
Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese Pop Up (Century City)
The Grilled Cheese Truck (Los Angeles)
Gulp (Rancho Park)
Irving Farm (New York)
Islands (Rancho Park/West L.A.)
Jam Cafe (Vancouver)
Jist Cafe (Little Tokyo)
Johnnie’s Pastrami (Culver City)
John O’ Groats (Rancho Park)
Langer’s Deli (Westlake/Downtown)
Lenny’s Deli (Westwood)
Locol (Los Angeles)
LudoBird (Universal City)
Mary and Robbs (Westwood)
Mel’s Drive-In(Santa Monica)
Mendocino Farms (Brentwood)
Mike & Anne’s (South Pasadena)
Monty’s Good Burger (Riverside)
Napa Farms Market (San Francisco)
Nate ‘n Al (Beverly Hills)
Plan Check (Sawtelle)
Plaza Inn (Disneyland/Anaheim)
Rancho Park Gardens Restaurant (Rancho Park)
Republique (La Brea)
Russ & Daughters (New York)
Sack Sandwiches (West Hollywood)
Sage Vegan Bistro (Culver City)
Shake Shack (Century City)
Shake Shack (New York)
Shake Shack (West Hollywood)
The Six (Rancho Park)
sweetgreen (Century City)
Tender Greens (Westwood)
Tipsy Cow (Century City)
True Food Kitchen (Santa Monica)
Tyler Florence Fresh/Napa Farms Market (San Francisco)
Umami Burger (Anaheim)
Uncle Paulie’s Deli (Beverly Grove)
Wexler’s Deli (Century City)
Wexler’s Deli (Santa Monica)
Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill (Downtown LA)
Zabar’s (New York)
Zeidler’s Cafe (Brentwood)

7 Leaves (Garden Grove)
85 Degrees (Alhambra)
85 Degrees (Century City)
Angel Maid (Los Angeles)
B. Patisserie (San Francisco)
B Sweet (Sawtelle)
Bagel Factory (Palms)
Beard Papa (Sawtelle)
Birdbath Bakery (New York)
Bueller’s Bagels (Westwood)
Cake House (Koreatown)
Cake Monkey (Mid-City/Fairfax)
Chaumont Bakery & Cafe (Beverly Hills)
Chocolate Opulence (Sawtelle)
Cofax (Mid-City/Fairfax)
D’Ange Bakery (San Gabriel)
Delicious Arts (Rancho Park)
Diddy Riese (Westwood)
Donatsu (Little Tokyo)
Eastern Bakery (San Francisco)
Fiona (Mid-CityFairfax)
Golden Gate Bakery (San Francisco)
Irving Farm (New York)
Levain Bakery (New York)
Lodge Bread (Culver City)
Milk Bar (Mid-City/Fairfax)
Purebread (Vancouver)
Randy’s Donuts (Century City)
République (La Brea)
The Rooster (Pico/Robertson)
Sprinkles (The Grove)
Stan’s Donuts (Westwood)
Uncle Tetsu (Arcadia)
Winston Pies (Brentwood)
Zabar’s (New York)
Zooies (Palms)

Bossa Nova (Rancho Park/West LA)

101 Noodle Express (Culver City)
Baohaus (New York)
Beni Tora (Sawtelle)
Bistro Na’s (Temple City)
Capital Seafood (Beverly Hills)
Dan Modern (Sawtelle)
Din Tai Fung (Arcadia)
Din Tai Fung (Century City)
Din Tai Fung (Glendale)
Eastern Bakery (San Francisco)
Emperor Noodles (San Gabriel)
Empress Pavilion (Chinatown)
Golden Gate Bakery (San Francisco)
Hop Li (West L.A.)
Kato (West L.A.)
Lao Tao (Chinatown)
Lunasia (Alhambra)
Mandarin Kitchen (Westwood)
Mee and Greet (Palms)
Mr. Rice (Westwood)
Ms. Chi (Culver City)
Northern Cafe (Westwood)
Panda Express (Westwood)
Pearl River Deli(Chinatown)
Peking Dragon (Dana Point)
Q38 Noodles (San Gabriel)
Qin West (Westwood)
ROC Kitchen (Sawtelle)
Sichuan Impression (Westwood)
Southern Mini Town (San Gabriel)
Tasty Noodle House (Sawtelle)
Xiao Loong (San Francisco)
Yank Sing (San Francisco)

7 Leaves (Garden Grove)
Sip (Westwood)

Big Boi (Sawtelle)

Chaumont Bakery & Cafe (Beverly Hills)
Millet Crepe (Sawtelle)
Republique (La Brea)

A-Frame AYCE Chicken (Culver City)
A-Frame Brunch (Culver City)
Big Fish Little Fish (Century City)
The Local Place (Torrance)
Nishi Bistro Poke and Ramen (Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills)
Rutt’s Cafe (Culver City)
Tikifish (Palms)

Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt
Antico (Koreatown/Larchmont)
Bacio di Latte (Century City)
Bigg Chill (Westwood)
Blockheads (Sawtelle)
Bumsan Organic Milk Bar (West Hollywood)
Carmela’s (Third Street/Fairfax)
Coolhaus  (Los Angeles)
CVTeeny (Westwood)
Eataly’s Il Gelato (Century City)
Get Shaved Truck (Los Angeles)
Ginger’s Divine Ice Cream (Culver City)
HoneyMee  (Sawtelle)
Humphry Slocombe (San Francisco)
Ice Cream Lab (Beverly Hills)
Paradis Ice Cream (Montrose)
Rori’s Artisanal Creamery (Century City)
Saffron & Rose (Westwood)
Salt & Straw (Los Angeles)
Salt & Straw (West Hollywood)
Scoops Westside (Palms)
Small Batch (Mar Vista)
Smitten Ice Cream (Century City)
SomiSomi (Koreatown)
SomiSomi (Sawtelle)
Swensen’s (San Francisco)
Thrifty Ice Cream at Rite Aid (Westwood)
Wanderlust Creamery (Venice)

The Bombay Frankie Company (West L.A.)
Mayura (Culver City)
Sambar (Culver City)
Samosa House
(Culver City)
Spice Affair (Century City)
Tandoori Eats (Palms)

Bone Kettle (Pasadena)
Mee and Greet (Palms)
Simpang Asia (Palms)

800 Degrees (Westwood)
Apollonia’s Pizzeria(Mid Wilshire)
Burrata House (Palms)
Colapasta (Santa Monica)
Da Pasquale (Beverly Hills)
Eataly (Century City)
Eataly’s La Pizza & La Pasta (Century City)
House of Meatballs (Westwood)
Il Cane Russo (San Francisco)
JOS (Vancouver)
Lamonica’s NY Pizza (Westwood)
La Pizza & La Pasta (Century City)
Louise’s Trattoria (Rancho Park)
Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta (Universal City)
Made in Brooklyn (Los Angeles)
MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza (Century City)
Mr. Pizza (Century City)
Obica Mozzarella Bar (Century City)
Pasta Sisters (Culver City)
Pitfire Pizza (Westwood)
Pizza Cookery (Woodland Hills)
Porchetta Republic (Century City)
Porta Via (Pasadena)
Roberta’s (Culver City)
Toscanova (Century City)
Tuscan Son (Westwood/West LA)
Uncle Paulie’s Deli (Beverly Grove)
Union (Pasadena)
Uovo (Santa Monica)
Vixi (San Francisco)
Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill (Downtown LA)

Ajisen Ramen (Century City)
Anzu Japanese Gourmet (Sawtelle)
At Home Kitchen (Gardena)
The Backhouse (West L.A.)
B-Bee Crepes & Boba (Palms)
Beni Tora (Sawtelle)
Bento Moderno (Santa Monica)
Coco Ichibanya (Brentwood)
Delicatessan By Osawa (Pasadena)
EAK Ramen (Melrose)
Gindaco(Mar Vista)
Go Go Gyoza (Century City)
Hakata Izakaya Hero (Westwood)
Hamada Ya (Mar Vista)
Hannosuke (Mar Vista)
Harajuku Crepe (Beverly Hills)
Iki Ramen(Koreatown)
Ippudo (Santa Monica)
Jin Ramen (New York)
Jist Cafe (Little Tokyo)
Katana-Ya (San Francisco)
KazuNori (Westwood)
Killer Noodle (Sawtelle)
Kopan Ramen (Westwood)
Kotoya (Palms)
Kotoya (West L.A.)
Kula (Sawtelle)
Marugame Monzo (Little Tokyo)
Marugame Udon (Beverly Grove)
Marugame Udon (Sawtelle)
Menya Musashi (Sawtelle)
Mifune (Torrance)
Misasa (Mar Vista/Palms)
Modan Artisan Ramen (South Pasadena)
Mogu Mogu (Sawtelle)
Musashiya (Westwood)
n/naka (Palms)
Necco (Westwood)
Nishi Bistro Poke and Ramen (Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills)
Ocean Park Ramen (Santa Monica)
Omusubi Gonbei (Torrance/New Jersey)
On the Bridge (San Francisco)
Palms Ramen Yumeya
Pikunico (Downtown LA)
Plaza Sushi (Koreatown)
Rakkan Ramen (Little Tokyo)
Ramen Bangaichi (Culver City)
Ramen Hayatemaru (West L.A.)
Ramen Maruya (Little Tokyo)
Ramenya (West LA)
Ramen Yamadaya (Westwood)
Restaurant 2117 (Sawtelle)
Santouka (Mar Vista)
Slurpin’ Ramen Bar (Koreatown)
Suehiro Cafe (Little Tokyo)
Sanuki Sandou (Mar Vista)
Sawtelle Tempura House (Sawtelle)
Sushi Mania (Vancouver)
Sweetfin Poke (Westwood)
Tatsu Ramen (Sawtelle)
Tentenyu Ramen (Sawtelle)
Tokyo Guild (Culver City)
Tonkatsu House (Koreatown)
Tsujita LA Artisan Annex (Sawtelle)
Wadatsumi (Rancho Park/West LA)
Wago Sushi (San Francisco)
Yuko Kitchen (Mid-Wilshire)
Zen Sushi (Dana Point)

Awoolim (Koreatown)
Bibibop Asian Grill (Westwood)
Kitchen Story (Sawtelle)
Kogi Taqueria (Palms)
Koreatown Galleria (Koreatown)
Mannaria (Koreatown)
Mr. Pizza (Century City)
Myungrang Hot Dogs (Sawtelle)
Plaza Sushi (Koreaotown)
Seo Kang Myung Oak (Koreatown)
Soh Grill House (Pasadena)
Yah Yah Ya Ramen (Vancouver)
Yooni (Koreatown)

Cava Grill (Westwood)
Fala Bar (Century City)
Gaby’s Mediterranean (Palms)
Grillliant (Westwood)
Panini Kabob Grill (Century Cituy)

Bacoshop (Culver City)
Baja California Tacos (Westwood)
Bar Hermanito (Sawtelle)
Cofax (Mid-City/Fairfax)
Eduardo’s Border Grill (Westwood)
Frida’s Tacos (Rancho Park)
Guerrilla Tacos (Los Angeles)
Guisados (West Hollywood)
Kogi Taqueria (Palms)
La Cabanita (Glendale)
La Esquina (Palms/Culver City)
Loteria! (Third Street/Fairfax)
Mariscos Jalisco(Mid-City)
Pinches Tacos (Westwood)
The Rooster (Pico/Robertson)
Sonoritas Prime Tacos (Sawtelle)
Tacos 1986 (Westwood)
Tacos Por Favor (West LA)
Tacos Tu Madre (Westwood)
TLT Food (Westwood)
Tocaya Organica (Century City)
Trejo’s Taco Truck
Urbano Mexican Kitchen (Pasadena)

Middle Eastern
Bella Pita (Westwood)
Falafel King (Westwood)
Grilliant (Westwood)
Hasiba (Pico-Robertson)

Shuck House Seafood + Oyster Bar (Century City)
Sea Salt Fish Grill (Culver City)
STRFSH (Santa Monica)
Woodhouse Fish Co. (San Francisco)

Singapore’s Banana Leaf (Third Street/Fairfax)

Emporium Thai (Westwood)
Natalee Thai (Beverly Hills)
Palms Thai (Thai Town/East Hollywood)
Senn Thai (New York)
The Taste Kitchen (Culver City)
Thai Time (San Francisco)
Thai Vegan (Beverly Hills)
Up Thai (New York)

Asian Box (Century City)
Mama Hong’s
(West LA)
Mee and Greet (Palms)
Nong La (Sawtelle)
Phorage (Palms)

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