Burrata House – Palms

Biting into burrata is a sensual experience, with its creamy interior rushing into your mouth like a flood of happiness. At Burrata House in Palms, this cheese made from Italian cow milk is the star of the show. You can enjoy your burrata either in panini or a bowl (which will give you the same ingredients as their paninis, but farro instead of bread).


Located in a mini mall at the corner of Motor and National, Burrata House is a tiny storefront, with only a handful of counter seats inside. The kitchen is super small, just one person at the station, assembling all of the orders. She was a bit overwhelmed with all their tickets, as my online order took an additional 20 minutes to be ready from the promised time.


The sandwiches are small, ranging in price from $11.50 for a caprese to $13.75 for the bresaola, no sides included. The ingredients are fresh, though somewhat sparse in quantity, with only the thinnest layer of each.


The Grilled Veggies, one of two vegetarian offerings, had organic produce grilled zucchini and eggplant, tomatoes, arugula, olive oil, burrata on rosetta bread from Drago bakery.


The Cotto was fairly similar, subbing in prosciutto cotto for the grilled veggies. To be honest, I was a little disappointed to see how tiny my sandwich was, since I prefer mine to be piled high. However, the main feature is the burrata, so having less of the other ingredients allows the cheese to take center stage. I also found my sandwich a little on the dry side and wish the bread was a little softer (though my husband had the exact opposite reaction and wished his bread had been toasted more).


Having recently opened, Burrata House is experiencing some growing pains (as to be expected) so allow them some extra time to prepare your food and you’ll be rewarded with the heavenly goodness of that superlative burrata.

Location – 3272 Motor Ave A Unit A, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Website – https://www.burratahouse.com
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes, although it would be a waste to come here if you are a vegan. It’s really all about the cheese!
Gluten-Free Friendly – Yes, gluten-free bread is available for an additional charge.

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