Best of 2021

In no particular order…

Black King Ramen – Ramen Nagi, Century City
Cookies – Paderia Bakehouse, Santa Monica
Fish Sauce Chicken Wings – Pigeon LA Pop-Up, Sawtelle
Keema Noodle – Menya Tigre, Sawtelle
Hainan Chicken – Pearl River Deli, Chinatown
Stinging Nettles Biang Biang Noodles – Estrano Things Pop-Up, Culver City
Somalian Pan-Fried Chicken Fried Rice Plate – Flavors From Afar, Fairfax
Seeded Sourdough Bread – Jyan Isaac Bread, Santa Monica
Thunder Bird Wings and Biscuit – Go Go Bird, Culver City
Mushroom Party – Luggage Room, Pasadena
Patita – Spoon and Pork, Sawtelle