Roberta’s – Culver City

Eating at Roberta’s reminded me  of two things – that I am old AF and cheap. Roberta’s, which started in the hipster haven of Brooklyn, staked out their first West Coast location in Culver City’s Platform. During a weekday lunch, the place was jumping, buzzing with people who were eager to spend $20 on a pizza.


Don’t come here if you’re under any time restraints because it’s super slow. Our server, who looked like she rolled out of bed and got dressed by picking some clothes off the floor, took our order and then disappeared. It took a good 10-15 minutes just to get water. I would have flagged someone down, but there wasn’t anyone to be found.


Then there was the wait for our pizza. We came at the tail end of the lunch rush, but there were several tables who didn’t have their food. The couple sitting next to us did not order pizzas and got their food more quickly.


As for their pizza, it was fine. The best part of the pizzas was the crust, thin yet chewy, with a slight char. We tried the their Famous Original with mozzarella,  caciocavallo, parmagiano, oregano and chili – a solid cheese pizza that I couldn’t find fault with – except for the $18 price tag.


Better was the Bee Sting – I liked the juxtaposition of the honey and the salty soppressata with the chili oil but it wasn’t worth the whopping $19 cost. At that price point, there are a slew of pizza places whose pizzas are just as good that will give you better service.


The pizzas are pretty small, so order one per person or split one and another entree. Oh, and if you’re gluten-free, there are no gluten-free options for pizza. Roberta’s sure as hell isn’t giving into the cauliflower pizza crust craze.


In keeping with their Brooklyn roots, the music playing was pretty indie –  even Shazam couldn’t identify half of the tracks.

There’s a convenient parking garage at the Platform, which is always a good thing. The likelihood of my returning to Roberta’s is slim, but if you’re a hipster millennial who loves spending money and still eats gluten, you’ll love Roberta’s.

Location – 8810 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
Website –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian-Friendly  – Yes
Vegan Friendly – Limited to market/salads.
Gluten-Free Options – No gluten-free pizzas or pastas, but they do have market and grill choices.

One thought on “Roberta’s – Culver City

  1. I got the Famous Original and thought it was very good pizza. However, for a similar price Pizzana has them beat.


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