Tandoori Eats – Palms

Bridging the gap between tikka masala and a tuna sandwich is Tandoori Eats, a newly opened family-run restaurant in Palms. This self-billed “Indo-American” restaurant primarily serves Indian dishes, along with a handful of American ones (hence, the tuna sandwich).


Taking over a butcher/sandwich shop (which may explain the sandwiches on the menu), Tandoori Eats has several prepared entrees, from curry to masala, including goat curry, which is the first time I’ve ever seen goat prominently featured.

Goat curry on the left, chicken tikka masala and chicken curry on the right.

Several vegetarian dishes are available (six when I visited). You can either order a la carte or one of their combos, which include rice, salad and naan. A meat combo runs $8.99, with your choice of one meat dish and one veggie. The veggie combo at $7.99 comes with choice of two veggies.


My husband chose the paneer masala and mushroom matar as his entrees. The masala was light, not too creamy, with big chunks of paneer cheese. If you like things spicy, the mushroom matar is definitely one to order – mushroom and peas in a tomato sauce with ginger, green chilies and herbs.


My chicken curry was very mild. The saag was the creamiest I’ve ever had, light on spices. In a blind taste test, I would have guessed it was creamed spinach. Portions are on the small side, but at their under $10 price point you really can’t complain.


Naan is made to order – garlic naan costs an extra 79 cents with the combo meals.


Tandoori Eats even has sandwiches with Indian flavors like tandoori veggie, in addition to the more pedestrian tuna and turkey club (we did not have any of the sandwiches, so I can’t comment on how they were).


The food at Tandoori Eats is fairly standard Indian food – though it may be a case where the items made-to-order are better than the dishes in the steam tray. It’s not worth making a special trip across town for, but if you’re riding the Expo, it’s located across the street from the Palms station, convenient for picking up food.  It’s probably a better food stop after your ride, since bringing Indian food on the train might drive your fellow passengers nuts. Of course, there’s always sandwiches (just don’t order the tuna) to help keep the peace.

Location: 10004 National Blvd., Los Angles CA 90034
Website – http://www.tandoorieats.com
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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