The Win-Dow at American Beauty – Venice

ou could spend $4 for a sad McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, or you could head over to Venice and get an incredible cheeseburger for the same money. The Win-Dow at American Beauty brings reasonable, if not downright cheap, food back to this upscale beachfront town.


Like its name suggests, it’s just a humble takeout window, with a limited menu under $10. Orders, for both takeout and delivery, may be placed online – though there’s also a window for walk-ups.


The double cheeseburger ($6.25) featured two patties, grilled onions, house sauce, pickles and American cheese on a potato roll. Each bite of that cheesy beef lit up the pleasure center of my brain like the 4th of July. This was completely sinful, every mouthful resulting in further arterial blockage, but it was worth the it.


The Window also offers a vegetarian version using an Impossible Meat patty. Their Beauty Burger tastes just like a real beef burger, too (though it didn’t have the same smashed burger appearance). The Window uses American cheese, so if you’re vegan, you should head elsewhere for your cheeseburger.


I have been always been a big In-N-Out fan, but I’m going to have to give The Window at American Beauty the win. While I enjoy the burgers equally, the fries are infinitely better at here. Their fries are crispy (not like those limp fries over at In-N-Out) – which hold up much better when being dragged through ketchup.

For those who may not be seeking heart disease as quickly, there is a kale salad (which I’ve heard is very good, but overdressed) and a grain bowl. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While the smashed burgers not be traditionally aesthetically pleasing, they’re pretty gorgeous to me.

Location – 425 Rose Avenue Venice, CA, 90291
Website –
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes, there’s a kale salad and a grain bowl

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