Gindaco – Mar Vista

Gindaco, Japan’s biggest takoyaki restaurant, recently opened their second US location in the food court of the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Mar Vista. Even though I already had a bowl of Santouka ramen waiting for me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try their famous octopus balls.


With over 500 locations in five countries, Gindaco has established itself as “Japan’s No. 1 Takoyaki.” The Original consisted of eight octopus balls, topped with takoyaki glaze, seaweed and bonito flakes for $6.50. They also have a few other options like cheese and mentaiko (cod roe), scallion with yuzu ponzu sauce or spicy scallion and siracha. They will ask if you want mayo, to which I had to say yes.


You can even watch the chefs making the takoyaki in their special pans that hold each individual ball.


The takoyaki were crispy on the outside, giving way to a soft creamy interior with pickled ginger, scallions and a tiny piece of octopus. The balls were the perfect snack food, topped with that tangy glaze, mayo and bonito flakes. The giant smokey fish flakes even appeared to “dance,” the heat causing them to sway gracefully. The takoyaki didn’t feel too greasy, and I promptly ate four of them (though I could have easily eaten the entire order if I wasn’t sharing).


Unfortunately their taiyaki pans weren’t working, or I would have ordered some too. Their takoyaki are definitely addictive, and I will definitely be back for more!

Location –3760 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
Website –
Vegetarian Options – Yes, they have taiyaki.
Vegan/Gluten-Free Options – No

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