Tam’s Noodle House – San Gabriel

Mom says that Tam’s Noodle House has the best Hong Kong style wonton noodles in town, and Mom is always right! Having had a previous experience with an hour-long wait for an order, Mom called before noon on a Monday (usually a slow day for restaurants) and was told 20 minutes. When we got there, our order was ready. I read some previous reviews about rude service, but the woman at the register was friendly and chatty. Maybe it helped that things were a bit slow at the time.

If you like plump juicy wonton, look no further! The wonton noodles in soup gives your four wontons, with a good mix of pork and shrimp, noodles and a choy sum. My mother loves the broth, though I think it’s just okay. The real stars are the wonton. You can choose the regular noodle or shrimp egg noodles to go with your dish. I tried both and can’t really say that I preferred one over the other.

I was more surprised by how much I enjoyed the steamed rice noodle rolls. I’m used to the thick ones you get during dim sum, so these thin wrinkled sheets with the shrimps on the outside were new to me. They were more delicate and silky than their dim sum counterparts.

To help aid with digestion, we got a side of much-needed choy sum (which cost a fraction of the price that they would at a Chinese restaurant on the Westside). Tam’s opens for breakfast and has a pretty extensive menu, with congee, noodles and entrees. They also sell frozen wonton, dumplings and fish balls for enjoyment at home. If you wish to eat there, they have indoor and outdoor dining available. It may be 2022 but they still do not offer online ordering nor delivery, so if you’ll have to go there to get your food. At least there’s free parking in the lot.

Location –  120 N San Gabriel Blvd Ste J San Gabriel, CA 91775
Website – https://tamsnoodlehouse.wixsite.com/home
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan/Gluten-Free Options –Yes

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