Ramen King Keisuke – Century City

The current reigning champion of the Tokyo Ramen Championships, Keisuke Takeda, just launched his new restaurant concept Ramen King Keisuke. First debuting in Monterey Park, another was quickly opened in the Westfield Century City food court.

Takeda’s ramen restaurants are famed for their tonkotsu broth and their lobster broth ramen. Prices start at $9.95 for the basic tonkotsu and go up to $19.95 for the spicy lobster broth ramen special. The menu also includes $5 rolls, made-to-order. Orders are placed via touchscreens and your name called once it’s ready.

While I did not try the regular tonkotsu, I did sample the spicy tonkotsu ramen ($10.95), topped with a slice of chashu, wood ear mushrooms and scallions. The broth was indeed spicy, satisfying my heat-loving husband. Ramen noodles are thin and easily slurped.

I was extremely curious about the lobster broth. Orange in color, it was delicately fishy, although there was a layer of oil that coated my lips. For $14.95, you do not get any lobster meat – only the previously mentioned chashu (thick and slightly chewy), wood ear mushrooms and scallions. If you come here expecting to get lobster meat, you’ll be sorely disappointed, as there is no option for that.

Probably my favorite thing about the visit were the chopsticks. Their cat-festooned chopsticks were very cute, a much higher quality than what you normally would get (especially in a food court).

At $14.95, I would have much rather gone to Ramen Nagi in the mall, which is the same price and better. However, if I was looking for a quick, cheap lunch in the food court, the $9.95 tonkotsu ramen would fit the bill – a nice change from the other chain restaurants. Also, if you’re curious to try Ramen King Keisuke, I would recommend visiting the Monterey Park location, if you’re closer to that side of town, where you can help yourself to the eggs on the table for free ($2.50 each add on charge at the Century City location).

Location – 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Website – https://ramenking.co
Kid’s Menu – n/a
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – This location does not have a veggie ramen option but they do have a vegetarian roll.
Gluten-Free Options – No gluten-free noodles but they do have maki.

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