Kung Fu Tea x TKK Fried Chicken – Westwood

TKK Fried Chicken brings a taste of Taiwan to Westwood Village. This Taiwanese fried chicken chain has paired up with Kung Fu Tea to give you the best of both worlds – boba and fried chicken. As a fried chicken fanatic, I was more interested in their savory offerings and ordered online through their website for pick up.

They have sandwiches, tenders and pieces of fried chicken, all available as combos with your choice of side (curly fries, mashed potatoes, charred corn, shishito peppers, cheese curds and coleslaw). Drinks can be added on for an additional $3-$4 (normally $4.65-$5.95). 

The two-piece chicken combo ($9.69) came with an enormous breast, wing, biscuit and side. The breast was bigger than my hand! The exterior was nice and crunchy, giving way to the moist meat inside. Overall, it was a like a better version of KFC. I thought it might have more of the flavor that I associate with Taiwanese fried chicken (it didn’t), but it’s probably because I chose crispy mild, instead of crispy spicy. The biscuit was soft and had a buttery taste to it. My curly fries were a little cold by the time I got home (the chicken was still piping hot though) but with a little reheating in the oven, they were just fine.

My husband got the spicy chicken sandwich combo with curly fries ($8.89). The spicy chicken turned out not to be that spicy, with just a little bit of heat, and was more what I expected from the crispy mild.

If you’re a masochist that likes to have the chicken burn its way through your body, you’re better off going elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for some good fried chicken and boba in one place, Kung Fu Tea’s got what you’re looking for.

Location – 1136 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Website –https://www.kungfutea.com. https://www.tkkusa.com
Kid’s Menu – n/a
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – No

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