Baja California Tacos – Westwood

What a difference a day makes. If I had visited Baja California Tacos on 99 cent fish taco Wednesdays, I would have been thrilled at finding such a great deal in Westwood, my face glowing from eating copious amounts of deep fried food. Alas, I did not come here on Hump Day, so my experience was a bit different.


Baja California Tacos is a no-frills counter service restaurant. The menu covers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, ceviche tostadas, bowls and fish plates. Prices are pretty reasonable, starting at $1.99 for a basic taco and topping out around $12 for a grilled salmon plate. There’s a small functional dining area inside and a few tables out in front.


I ordered three tacos – a chicken, fish and a grilled fish. All came with pico de gallo.


The chicken ($1.99)  was pretty plain and needed help from the salsa bar, as did the grilled fish ($2.79).


The fish taco was the best of the bunch – but it was deep fried so I guess it would have to be.


If you like cheese, their quesadilla is overflowing with cheesy goodness. My lactose-intolerant daughter, who can usually manage to eat a quesadilla with no consequences, was not so lucky here, thanks to their cheesy generosity.


Their fish burrito, a mere $7.69, came with rice, beans, cabbage, pico de gallo and cream. This too was on the bland side and benefited from some of that salsa. The salsas at Baja California Tacos are packaged in squirt bottles, which if you’ve ever seen the hot mess at some salsa bars, is a pretty good idea.


If you’re looking for some tasty tacos, I’d suggest going to Guisado’s or La Esquina, which will cost you a little over a $1 extra per taco. However, if you’re looking for some cheap eats, delay Taco Tuesday by a day and hit up Baja California Tacos on 99 Cent Fish Taco Wednesday.

Location: 935 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024. See additional locations here.
Website –
Menu –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Friendly – Yes

One thought on “Baja California Tacos – Westwood

  1. Solid fish and shrimp tacos fills a niche in Westwood. Also ordered some calamari and watched as they took pre-made industrial looking calamari out of a box from the freezer, much like what you can buy at any market. The calamari tasted even worse than it looked. But I'[l return for the tacos, particularly on Wednesdays.


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