Spice Affair – Century City

If you’re thinking of an affair, Indian food probably does not come to mind. Contrary to what you might have conjured up, Indian food is exactly what you’ll get if you go to Spice Affair. With an original upscale location in Beverly Hills, Spice Affair moved west, opening a casual takeaway spot in the Westfield Century City food court.


With roots in Beverly Hills, Spice Affair looks more high end than the rest of the food court offerings, with giant bronze tureens to hold the dishes. As impactful as they were, you couldn’t see the food inside, so they’ve switched some of the tureens out for glass topped pots. Still, it’s impossible to view the containments. Staff are more than happy to assist, offering samples, literally pulling back the lid on what might be inside.


Pricing is slightly more expensive than the other places in the food court, with most entrees in the $11.95-$14.95 range. Entrees come with saffron rice, naan and salad. Combo meals, where you can choose two entrees, cost a whopping $14.95-$16.95.

Garlic naan, salad, paneer butter masala and rice

Vegetarians can select from dishes like cholley masala, chickpeas in a well-spiced sauce, or paneer butter masala.

Garlic naan

You can choose either garlic naan or plain naan. Between the two, the garlic naan was the better choice. Not only was it more flavorful, but it was freshly plucked out of the oven. The plain naan was a bit sad, folded up in a foil packet, barely warm.

Plain naan

Portions are a little on the small side, considering the price. Luckily, the masala sauce in both the paneer and the chicken dish was excellent. I had thought there was way too much rice, but coupled with that sauce, I ate it all.

Paneer butter masala

The salad –  a melange of corn, cucumbers, tomato and onion – was an interesting departure from the salad or raita one normally gets from Indian restaurants.


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, look elsewhere, especially if you’re interested in eating Indian food (in that case, try one of the many all-you-can-eat Indian buffet lunches in the area). However, if you’re in the food court looking for something a little different, you may want to consider having an affair – a Spice Affair, that is.

Chicken tikka masala

Location –  10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 90067. Original location in Beverly Hills.
Website – https://centurycity.spice-affair.com
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

Editor’s note: Spice Affair closed in January 2020.

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