The Stalking Horse – Rancho Park

A bit of England has landed in Rancho Park in the form of The Stalking Horse Pub. In the spot previously occupied by Steingarten (and Kay N’ Dave’s before that), the space has been given a full remodel. As a result, The Stalking Horse certainly looks every part the British pub.


Although their equipment has been set up, The Stalking Horse has not yet started brewing their own beer. In the meantime, they offer about 10 beers on tap, with American craft and British beers. You can sample any of them, as your sever will happily offer. They also have an extensive gin selection, should that be more your thing.


At first glance, the menu seems pretty standard with Cornish fare like pasties and pot pies, along with the traditional fish and chips and burgers (grass-fed). Upon taking a closer look, you’ll see that several dishes like the fish and chips and the pasties have a “v/nv” notation. Whoa. Vegan fish and chips?

Turns out, many of the pies offer a vegan option by using Gardein products, in the place of chicken or lamb. The cottage pie is only available as a vegan dish, replacing the meat with a “plant-based steak,” which turned out to be the Impossible Burger. The fish and chips, in case you’re curious, relies on a soy product for the faux fish.

Fish and Chips

As we’re not vegan, we chose the classic fish and chips, priced at a steep $19, with two hefty pieces of wild Alaskan cod and a handful of thickly cut chips, served with tartar sauce, ketchup and aioli.


The breading on the fish was nice and light, not greasy, allowing one to fully enjoy the generous portion of cod. The chips were perfectly done, eager to be doused with malt vinegar and a smear of aioli.


For once, we even had dessert – a peach cobbler baked in a cast iron pan. Instead of a biscuit topping, small pieces of puff pastry decorated the peaches, crowned by a scoop of Van Leeuwen vanilla ice cream (which, I have to say, is pretty incredible stuff).


Service was great, and we felt well looked after, even being given additional beers samples after our meal. The Stalking Horse opens daily at 5pm, but will expand its hours, opening at 11:30am, starting on September 19. I look forward to returning once they’ve started making their own beer for a quick trip back to England.


Location –  10543 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90064
Website –
Kid-Friendly – No
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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