Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese Pop Up – Century City

When I heard that Eric Greenspan (The Foundry on Melrose) opened up a restaurant devoted to grilled cheese, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, I wanted to go. The only drawback, well, one of two, was that it was a little out of the way to satisfy the “it’s-lunchtime-where-can-we-go-eat-that’s-near” question, and it was hard for me to justify making a special trip to Melrose just to eat grilled cheese. When I heard that he was opening a Grilled Cheese Pop Up in the Westfield Century City mall, it instantly made the must-visit list.

Located in the food court of the mall, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese Pop Up is next to the ever-popular Panda Express, in the former Lawry’s Carvery spot. Brightly colored menus hung above, offering a selection of suggested sandwich combinations (they also offer a BYO option). We placed an order for a couple of sveandwiches. My daughter is not a grilled cheese fan (the other reason why we never went to the restaurant on Melrose) so we walked over to Ajisen Ramen to get her lunch.

My husband waited, and waited for our order. My daughter and I had managed to order from Ajisen Ramen, secure a table and pick up the bowl of ramen in the meantime. She was about halfway through her bowl when our order was ready. Because of the delay (one of our sandwiches may have been given to another customer), they gave us a free tomato basil soup.

As far as grilled cheese go, these are very polite. Not too greasy, nor soggy, nor overladen with fillings that ooze out the sides once you take a bite.

I got the Cuban Reuben…

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.30.29 PM.png

…while my husband chose the Tuna Melt.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.29.10 PM.png

We also tried the Potato Latke Bites with Apple Creme Fraiche:

I didn’t even feel guilty for eating grilled cheese. That’s a good thing!

Next time (yes, there will be a next time), I’ll try building my own grilled cheese and the Smores for dessert (they take a sheet of graham crackers, an entire chocolate bar and blowtorch the marshmallows). The pop up is only there until April 15th (midway through Grilled Cheese Month), so the clock is ticking!

Location 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90067

Kid-Friendly – Totally!
Kid’s Menu – No
Pesco-Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly – Yes. They offer soy cheese as well.
Gluten-Free Options – Yes, gluten-free bread is available upon request.

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese Pop Up closed April 16, 2015.  For grilled cheese, visit Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese on Melrose –

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