Falafel Inc. – Westwood

Falafel Inc. has done the impossible. This Washington D.C. chain sells healthy vegan pita sandwiches and salad bowls for a mere $3-$4 and donates money to the World Food Programme, benefitting refugees. They don’t skimp on quality either, using ingredients that are all-natural and sourced locally.

Hummus can be added to any pita sandwich or bowl for a $1. Falafel Inc. also sells $3 sides – zaatar fries, tabouli salad, cucumber salad, etc. It’s counter service, so you place your order at the register and they’ll place your food on the counter once it’s done. If you want to take your order to go, you’ll have to bag your food yourself. There’s also a selection of sauces that you can add to your order.

Their $4 bowls are a great deal. You’ll get several small falafel balls, tabouli, red cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, tangy pickles and zaatar pita chips on a bowl of greens (baby spinach in the bowls I’ve eaten). The bowl is lightly dressed, so if you prefer a saucier salad, you can add more from their sauce station. Their falafels are a touch spicy, but not greasy. It’s a great mix of flavors and textures. I feel healthy eating it although I know it can’t be that healthy since the falafels are deep-fried.
Their $3 pita sandwiches are filled with falafel, red cabbage pali salad, tabouli, tahini and red sauce. They’re tasty, though small – you may want to order two or add a side.

Not in the mood for falafels? There’s a vegan shawarma sandwich – a generous serving of vegan meat (don’t ask me what it’s made of) stuffed into a pita, along with red cabbage, lettuce and sauce. My husband, who doesn’t eat meat, said it tasted exactly like meat and wanted to return the next week for more.

I had missed having Falafel King in Westwood, but Falafel Inc. is a worthy successor. With its affordable price point and fresh ingredients, it’s easily become one of my favorite cheap eats. Currently there is no indoor seating, though there are a couple of tables outside for dining. With the return of students on campus at UCLA, hopefully Falafel Inc. will be able to beat the odds and stay in business, keeping Bruins well-fed.

Location –  933 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Website – https://www.wisesonsdeli.com
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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