eggslut – Beverly Grove

In addition to its trashy name, Eggslut is famous for perfecting the breakfast sandwich. Eggslut started as a food truck, but when Alvin Cailan opened the first permanent location in the Grand Central Market, it was an immediate success, enticing crowds to endure long lines for their delectable sandwiches. Since then four more locations have launched, including their latest spot in the Beverly Center.


The lines at the Beverly Center aren’t as intimidating as the one at Grand Central Market. We had a short 5 minute wait and were able to place our order at the counter. The menu is fairly limited with only four sandwiches, the Slut (a coddled egg on top of a potato puree), a biscuit and a chocolate chip cookie. Your biggest dilemma will be which protein (if any other than the eggs) you want in your breakfast sandwich.


The dining space is fairly small, with a long counter space along the window and along the kitchen to add some additional spots.


My daughter called dibs on the Bacon, Egg & Cheese so I settled for the Sausage, Egg &
Cheese – housemade turkey sausage, over-medium egg, cheddar cheese and honey
mustard aioli in a brioche bun. The turkey sausage was on the bland side (seriously, what
else would you expect from turkey sausage?), but when the egg yolk yielded its bounty,
coupled with that aioli, it was pretty tasty.



The best of the bunch was the Bacon, Egg & Cheese. Normally it came with an over medium egg, but I subbed in the scrambled eggs with chives for my daughter since I knew she’d freak out once that egg started oozing.


That smoked bacon was a thousand times better than the turkey sausage, and my
notoriously picky daughter devoured it, chives and all. She was in hog heaven (um, I
guess the the pig was in hog heaven, too).


Eggslut uses cage-free eggs so you can eat freely, knowing that you’re getting quality for your $7. Unless you’re a vegetarian, that Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich is the thing to get. If you’re a vegan, I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t even be reading this review. If you’re a vegetarian, you can still partake in the splendor and we can be eggsluts together.


Location –  8500 Beverly Blvd., Unit 101, Los Angeles CA 90048.  Additional locations in Downtown LA, Glendale, Venice and Las Vegas.
Website –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan Friendly – No, just salad (ask for no cheese), coffee, orange juice, Coke and water.
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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