Grilliant – Westwood

Don’t let the corny name fool you. Grilliant (rhymes with “brilliant”) is much better than its name would suggest. This Mediterrnean/Middle Eastern fast casual restaurant serves kabobs that have been fire-grilled, hence the “Grilliant,” using hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats.


Grilliant recently opened their third location in Westwood, in the old Panini Cafe spot. The menu spans above the counter, somewhat difficult to read when you’re standing in front of it. The person at the register, as if reading your mind, will most likely hand you a paper menu to assist. The menu has kabobs, of course, along with flatbread wraps, salads and appetizers.


You’ll be given a number and then you can choose either to eat inside or outside on the patio.

Fire-Grilled Portobello Flatbread Wrap and Fries

The flatbread wraps and kabob plates both come with your choice of side, including hummus, tabouli or salad. The portobello wrap came in a green flatbread, with sautéed vegetables, lettuce and tomato. It tasted healthy, but to help counterbalance that, we ordered fries.


The fries were the skinny kind, reminiscent of McDonald’s fries (which I mean as a compliment because I love McDonald’s fries).


The chicken kabob plate came with a grilled vegetable kabob and a gigantic serving of rice – easily twice the amount needed (not that I’m complaining). The chicken was still moist, though not that flavorful. Eating it with the yogurt sauce and the Mediterranean grape tomato salsa helped give it a boost.

Eggplant Mirzi

I really enjoyed the eggplant mirzi, a Persian eggplant dip with tomato and eggplant. If you choose one of the dips as a side, you’ll get a generous portion of pita bread as well. Even though I have a healthy appetite, between the rice and the eggplant dip and pita, I could not manage to finish my meal. If Grilliant gave the option of ordering a kabob a la carte, the kabob plate plus an extra kabob could easily feed two people.


Sure, the kabob plates are a little higher than one may want to spend for lunch, but you’re paying for quality meat and will get probably more food than you can eat (the flatbread wraps are more reasonably priced).  Plus, Grilliant is offering 15% off your order until March 15th as their grand opening special.


While I can’t say the food is brilliant, I will say that it is definitely grilliant.

Location –  10861 Lindbrook Dr., Los Angeles 90024. Additional location in Burbank and Culver City.
Website –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – Yes
Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Grilliant in Westwood closed in May 2019.

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