Paradis Ice Cream – Montrose

Ice cream made fresh every day – that’s what you’ll get at Paradis Ice Cream. This Danish ice cream company’s devotion to replicating the gelato found in Rome gave rise to an ice cream chain through Denmark, which then led them to the US where they opened their first American store in Montrose.


The Montrose location is super tiny, without any space inside to eat. With 16 flavors on offer, the line here moves pretty slowly, as ice cream lovers agonize over which to choose. For those who are able to choose one flavor, there’s the kid’s scoop which costs $4. Otherwise, a small single, which gives you 1-2 flavors, costs $5.50.


Initially, I had my mind on the Strawberry Sorbet, but as I made my way through the line, Vanilla Bean Brownie Caramel pushed that sorbet away. After trying a sample, I was seduced by the creamy ice cream goodness and knew that a sorbet was not to be in my future. In a rare instance of self-control and decision-making, I got the Cold Brew Latte Chip. The coffee flavor wasn’t too strong and the ice cream wasn’t too sweet – perfect on a hot day.

Cold Brew Latte Chip

If you’re thinking about the single scoop, you might want to consider adding an extra $1 to get the sundae, with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cookie.

Sundae with Sea Salt Caramel and Double Chocolate Caramel

It looked absolutely amazing. My daughter ate it all.



Since Paradis uses fresh milk and pure water in their products, they claim that their typical scoop is actually far fewer calorie than the norm – like 75-125 calories for the sorbets and 150-200 calories for the ice cream. Had I known this, I would have happily ordered a single scoop, or maybe even a double. Armed with this knowledge, when you visit, you can order that single or double, guilt-free. Better yet, make a triple and enjoy that extra scoop for me.

Location – 2323 Honolulu Ave., Montrose 91020. Additional locations in Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Monrovia, Old Town Pasadena, Seal Beach, Sherman Oaks, Westfield Santa Anita and Westfield Valencia (as well as all over Denmark).
Website –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – Yes
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Yes
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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