B. Patisserie – San Francisco

Before you visit B. Patisserie in Pacific Heights, you should throw any dietary restrictions out the window in order to properly appreciate this bakery to its fullest. This French/Viennese bakery is a celebration of the magnificence of butter, sugar and flour, in its many different forms.

Kouign Amann

B. Patisserie’s claim to fame is their Kouign Amann, a Breton pastry, like a croissant’s cousin. Instead of the traditional crescent shape, the Kouign Amann is shaped more like a muffin and the sugar encrusted dough is baked long enough so that the sugar caramelizes into wonderful sweetness – each bite is complete decadence.


B. Patisserie is a counter service, so you order at the counter and then get a number to take with you to a table. On the weekends during brunch time, the line is extremely long, but if you wait until after the lunch rush, the line isn’t as daunting. The challenge, of course, is trying to choose from the myriad of appetizing options for your caloric splurge.



On our most recent visit, my daughter could not pass up the opportunity to try their Chocolate Chip Cookie. The cookie featured large chunks of chocolate, with a scant amount of dough holding the chocolate together.


The cookie looked like it had been baked in layers with thin sheets of chocolate, alternating with cookie dough.


Thin flakes of sea salt seemed to be sprinkled on top…


If you are a chocolate lover, this cookie is for you!


I chose the Almond Berry Croissant, which was an incredible work of art and will no doubt be one of the ten best things I’ll eat this year.


It was everything a croissant should be – flaky, buttery, yet light as air – and filled with a berry compote. I was full, having eaten at their sister restaurant B on the Go earlier, but somehow managed to make room for this treat.


I can’t say enough good things about B. Patisserie – it’s my favorite bakery on the West Coast and well worth going out of your way to visit. Oh, and when it comes to deciding whether to order the Kouign Amann, 10 Hour Apple Tart, or Chocolate Banana Almond Croissant – just get them all. Go ahead and treat yourself. You’re worth it.

Location – 2821 California St., San Francisco, 94115
Website – http://bpatisserie.com
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Pesco-Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan Friendly – Probably limited to breads only.
Gluten-Free Options – Limited to chocolate caramel toffee mousse and macarons (weekends only)

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