KazuNori – Westwood

A couple of weeks ago, KazuNori recently opened a second location in Westwood. Part of the Sugarfish/Sushi Nozawa restaurant empire, KazuNori continues their tradition of quality fish paired with warm rice, wrapped in crunchy nori (seaweed). Based on the crowds when we visited where the line was to the door, it looks like KazuNori is a hit.


KazuNori does not take reservations. Instead, there’s a “self-regulating line” in front of the restaurant. You wait in line until you see empty seats that will accommodate your party and then grab them. There’s only a couple of dozen seats available, but the turnover is quick so you won’t have to wait too long (hopefully).


The interior is very sleek and stylish in an understated way. “Oh my god. This place is sooooo LA!” squealed the woman behind me in line.

My empty paper placemat, eagerly waiting to be graced by a hand roll.

Once seated, you order from a menu, which lists various set menus, as well as sashimi and individual hand rolls. If you haven’t been here before, the server will cheerfully recommend one of the set menus. We ordered the 4-hand roll set menu, which costs $13.50.

Blurry pic of Toro aka Tuna (reminder to self, always take more than one pic)

Somehow, I’ve never had sushi with warm rice before, so biting into the toro hand roll was quite the sensory treat. Now, that I’ve had rolls with warm rice, I don’t think I want my rice to be any other temperature.


Next was the yellowtail, with thin slices of scallions accentuating the fish.


Snapper came third – probably my least favorite as it didn’t have much flavor. Maybe my fish was cut a bit too thin so it didn’t have as much impact as it could have.


The crab hand roll finished off the meal. This one was my favorite, as it was full of flavor.

Even though there were only two sushi chefs making the hand rolls in the middle,  orders were paced quite well, with each hand roll seemingly timed to arrive within a certain amount of time.

Service at KazuNori is very friendly and efficient, and our water was constantly refilled. With quality sushi at a reasonable price, KazuNori is welcome addition to the village. If you live or work in Westwood, consider yourself lucky.

Location: 1110 Gayley, Los Angeles 90024. Additional location Downtown.
Website – http://www.kazunorisushi.com
Kid-Friendly – Yes, if they are able to sit on stools without falling down.
Kid’s Menu – No, so they better like fish (or cucumber).
Pesco-Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly – Not unless you count a cucumber roll as your only option.
Gluten-Free Options – Yes

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