Made in Brooklyn – Los Angeles

When Donald Trump recently used a knife and fork to eat his pizza in New York, he unleashed a wave of criticism (as he seems to do on a regular basis) for doing so.  At the Made in Brooklyn food truck, using utensils on its New York pizza is strictly forbidden.


Made in Brooklyn prides itself on using the exact same equipment used in New York pizzerias to recreate a taste of New York in Los Angeles, and they’ve done a perfect job. The pizza has the ideal sauce to cheese to crust ration, isn’t too greasy and folds perfectly.

The pizza is surprisingly light, so I would recommend ordering at least two slices, preferably three, as they go down very easy.  Fold. Eat. Repeat.


Made in Brooklyn only recently debuted their truck in January 2016. Judging by the line at recent event, they’ve been successful with their mission to bring New York Pizza to Los Angeles. My daughter, a notoriously picky eater, fell in love with it. We meant to go back and get a second slice each but were disappointed to see the truck had already left, no doubt sold out of pizza. We even returned the next day determined to get multiple slices each (unfortunately, the truck wasn’t scheduled to return that day).

It’s hard to find good New York pizza in LA. Glad to see that it’s finally here. Just don’t be like Trump, and remember to use your hands to eat your pizza.

Location – Varies. See their calendar
Website –
Kid-Friendly – Yes
Kid’s Menu – No
Pesco-Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegetarian Friendly – Yes
Vegan/Gluten-Free Options – No

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